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Millions of American women and men are physically and emotionally abused by their significant other each year. Chances are someone you know...your mother, father, sister, brother, friend, co-worker, or neighbor, is a victim of domestic violence.  Perhaps you feel your friend's problem will work itself out. Nothing could be further from the truth.  The violence will not end until someone takes action to stop it. Helping our friends and family live free from physical abuse is only part of the solution to the problem of domestic violence.  Heightening community awareness and speaking out about the need to protect victim's rights are critical.  Moreover, as role models for the next generation, we must teach our children that the use of violence to resolve problems and control others is unacceptable behavior.

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Working to End Domestic Violence

Liberty House of Albany, Inc.

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Liberty House of Albany, Inc.

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Serving Victims of Domestic Violence Since 1981.

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Through the work and advocacy of our founder Mary Fogarty, Liberty House of Albany, Inc. was incorporated on August 5, 1981.  For 43 years, we have been serving this community through our mission of providing services and support to victims of domestic violence and their children.  Our Board of Directors felt that it was time that our logo be one that reflected the work of our staff, as well as the growth of those we serve...survivors.  A tree symbolizes life, wisdom, strength, protection, and abundance.  When a victim makes the decision to leave an abusive relationship, it is a small step in a long and difficult journey.  Just as the leaves fall from a tree, a victim must shed the trauma and pain they carry to move to a life free from abuse.  With support, the roots will deepen and strengthen.  Slowly, new leaves form and a tree will flourish.  Each victim that passes through our doors will receive the support needed to become a survivor.  Thank you for your support and collaboration in the work we do with victims.


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         Liberty House is working to ensure ALL victims are safe.  In November 2023 we will open "Paws Playhouse" to allow victims to house their pets on site when they are in our emergency shelter.  We want to eliminate any barrier that keeps a victim from leaving a dangerous situation.  You can make a donation today and help us make this a reality!  DONATE TODAY!