2024 "Play it Forward"




At Liberty House our mission is to provide shelter and services to victims of domestic violence and their children.  Unfortunately, children often feel that they have no voice in situations of domestic violence.  They are exposed to physical, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse which all have a traumatic impact on a child.  One in 15 children are exposed to domestic violence each year, 90% of these children are eyewitness to violence. 

On average, we serve 100 children each year in our emergency shelter. We want their time with us to be time for healing.  It is important that every child, even those that experience trauma, have a chance to just be a "kid."  We want to provide a commercial grade playground at our emergency shelter so that when children are with their parent escaping violence, they have space to just laugh, enjoy themselves and be a "kid."  Our "Play it Forward" campaign will help us reach our goal of $45,000 to build an amazing play space that will last for years to come.  Please join our efforts to provide this safe space for our kids by making a donation of at least $20 today.  We need 2024 donors to help us make this space a reality!


Please call us at 229-439-7094 if you would like to be a part of our project.    

Playground Build is coming soon...

To all the AMAZING donors that made this happen, we thank you!  

We will keep you updated and recognize our donors online soon!